Friday, April 4, 2008

補 - SUPPLEMENT Your Clothing and Cover That Rip

Readings & Meanings:


to supply, to compensate, to supplement

Common Usage:









I refilled the water in the pot because it was getting low.

I refilled the water in the pot because it was getting low.

Because I was started to lose my hearing, I bought a hearing aid.


Koromo-hen on the left. 衣 gets squished into that shape. It's not the same as the radical in 礼, which is a squishing of 示. You can tell because Koromo-hen has one extra tail on the right: see below in red.

甫 on the right is a phonetic element. It shows a field with a seedling growing up out of it. One seedling. The field looks empty, so you get the sense of the field being big. Therefore, this element adds a sense of wide, spread-out.

How can we put 衣 and 甫 together and get the idea of "compensate" and "supplement"?

Think of a piece of clothing, spread out. Why is it spread out? Because there's a hole in it that you need to repair. Add/overlay another piece of cloth to patch it up. You're thereby supplementing that piece of clothing.

A stretch? Perhaps. But that's Kanji Networks's idea.

Bonus: Far Ears

耳が遠い is kind of an elegant way of saying someone is hard of hearing. If their "ears are far," it's understandable that they ask you to speak louder.


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