Thursday, April 24, 2008

課 - SECTION 118, Tax of Fruit and Words

Readings & Meanings:

section, lesson

Common Usage:







Sir, telephone for you.

Luxury items are taxed.


The radical is 言, words.

The phonetic element is 果, result (and fruit). We just looked at 果 here:

The connection is that you have to investigate (using words) in order to obtain results. This is such a task that you have to assign a whole "department" to do the investigation.

Bonus: Japanese Business Hierarchy of Titles

I translated 課長 as "sir." This is not accurate. 課長 means "section chief" or "section manager." But nobody says "Section chief, telephone," in English. The idea is silly to us.

But in Japan, that's how it goes. You call people by their titles. Additionally, there are several levels of power that you should be familiar with.

社長 - top level, company president

副社長 - company vice president

支店長 - branch manager

部長 - division manager

課長 - section manager


Did you think that was it? Ha! Far from it. I found a nine-pages-long PDF of almost all the titles in existence. It's here: I couldn't get it to open, though. I would suggest right-clicking on that link and downloading it as a PDF, or (more safely), you could go to the google cache of the PDF: here.


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