Saturday, May 26, 2007

Daily Bunshou: A Different Time


時差ぼけ(じさぼけ)jet lag. Break down the kanji, and you get "time difference." I'm not sure about the ぼけ part.


隣り(となり)next to, next door, neighboring

住む(すむ)to live (at/in a place, house, city, country)

弟(おとうと)younger brother

一家(いっか)a family, one family

弟一家 - the brother and his family

遊びに来る(あそびにくる)to come to play/hang out

  • 遊ぶ does not mean literally "to play" in the context of two adult friends getting together. Then, it means to spend time pleasantly with.
一緒(いっしょ)に - together (with)

食べに行く(たべにいく)to go to eat
  • an elegant and effective way to join two actions together: __に行く or __に来る mean to go to __ or to come to ___. Use the -masu stem of the first verb; the -masu stem is the way the verb is conjugated for polite speech (遊ぶー>遊びます) minus the ます.

Because I was jet-lagged, I slept until 9:30. My brother and his family, who live next door, came over, and we went to get lunch.

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mukur said...

I think you'll understand ぼけ better, if you check a verb ぼける. ぼけ comes from this verb.