Saturday, May 5, 2007

Eating Words, part 2

クチャクチャ: chewing, mouth open, like a teenager with gum

ズルズル: the sound off slurping noodles (ラメン、そば...)

パクパク: childlike eating, mouth open, very fast (this is how Pac-Man got his name!)

カリカリ: sound of eating pickled veggies (or something hard like pickles)

ポリポリ: sound of eating potato chips, other snacks

While on the subject of 擬音, here are 2 more, unrelated to eating.

ゴシゴシ: rubbing (from 擦る, to rub or scrub... or perhaps 擦る is from ゴシゴシ?)
ペタペタ: sticking (sound of sticking something onto something else, as your hands tap the surfaces together)

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