Monday, May 7, 2007



歩く - to walk

元気 - genki, energized, healthy, feeling good, etc. (very important word)

疲れる - to exhaust/be exhausted (tired from work/activity)

腰 - lower back

痛い - hurt, in pain, painful

かもしれません - unsure, can't hazard a guess, probably, probably not...


When you walk, you recharge your batteries. But, when you walk too much, you get exhausted. (Plus,) your lower back might start to hurt.


腰 is only the lower back.
背 is the whole back.
背 is used only for height: 背が高い means "tall", not "your back is high."
Also, don't forget 肩, shoulder, and 背骨, backbone.

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