Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Daily Bunshou: Get Down to Business


お客様 - customer

  • In Japan, traditionally, the customer is God. Seriously. This doesn't mean you can walk out of their store with whatever you want for hyakuen, but it means you leave feeling like you own the place.
お知らせ - notice

平素 - ordinarily, in the past

大変 - serious, diffficult
  • What a useful word. Use it whenever you want to comiserate with someone:
お世話 - aid, assistance

お世話になっております - Thank you for your help.
  • Incredibly common business phrase, found at the top of almost every formal letter, email, conversation, etc.
さて - This acts as a marker for when the real content of the letter begins.

急 - sudden, urgent, steep
  • Note: same kanji as in 急ぐ
弊社 - this company
  • This is a lowering of the company, because the notice is directed to the almighty Customer. Rikaichan-users: if you hover your mouse over the word, then hit shift, you can see the meaning of the first kanji is quite low.
提供する - to offer, to tender

に関して - like について, it means regarding

7月1日 - ひちがつ いっぴ

付で - "as of"

変更 - change, alteration


A Notice for Our Most Highly-Valued Customers:
Thank you for your generous support in the past...
Now, to get down to business. I know this is sudden, but, as of July 1, there will be a change in our company's service.

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