Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Daily Bunshou: Rocks and Ropes


何事 - what, everything, nothing

我慢 - patience

大切 - important

とは言っても - however; that's so, but

時々 - sometimes (this little turn of phrase revolutionized my conversations in Japan, early on. 「寿司を食べる?」“うん、時々。”)

忍耐 - endurance

緒 - thread, cord, thong

忍耐の緒 - the string by which you hold your patience

切れる - to cut, potential form


"After three years, even a cold rock can be comfortable."
Patience is important in everything.
However, there is a certain point when people can come to the end of their rope.


緒 is also used for umbilical cord: へその緒。

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