Monday, May 7, 2007



ひき肉 - ground meat

通常 - general, common

大腸菌 - E. coli

冷凍肉 - frozen meat

解凍する - to thaw

冷蔵庫 - refrigerator

電子レンジ - microwave

使い - use, in a "connective" form, used to connect two congruent ideas. Do not use this to replace "and," because there are sometimes better ways to go, like using て-form. Think of this sort of between そして and a semicolon.

常温 - room temperature

放置する - to leave


In ground meat, there is generally a lot of E. coli bacteria mixed in. When thawing frozen meat, use the fridge or the microwave; don't just leave it at room temperature.

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