Thursday, May 10, 2007

Daily Bunshou: Small Talk with a Visitor

:えー まあまあ。

ごぶさたしています - ご無沙汰しています - neglecting to stay in contact

  • a little more formal than ひさしぶり, but you can use it in business, between friends, anytime except very formal occasions
だいぶ(ん) - 大分 - considerably, comparatively more (when something has gone up a level, like the heat)

暑い - hot (weather, NOT FOOD)
暑さ - heat (noun, used for weather, NOT FOOD)

なってくる - to become
  • kuru is used here not in the sense of coming but in the sense of becoming, thus emphasizing the change in state
夏 - summer

夏先取り - early summer
  • 先取り means "取りtaking" + "先first," or receiving in advance. Therefore, this word means taking in summer in advance)
ところで - by the way (an easy way to change the subject)

はやる - 流行る - to flourish, to thrive, to be popular/in fashion


A: Hi! It's been a while, hasn't it? How've you been?
B: Well, pretty good, I guess.
A: It's getting really hot recently, isn't it. I heard that in Japan summer's coming early. Sooo, what's new in Japan these days?

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