Monday, May 21, 2007

Daily Bunshou: See, You Have To Be Careful You Set the Alarm for AM, not PM...


昨夜 さくや - last night. Much more elegant than 昨日の夜.

徹夜 てつや - all night. Note the same kanji as above, but different reading.

仕事 しごと - work

朝起きたら あさおきたら - たら indicates supposition, 朝, morning, and 起き, waking up.

やっちゃった! - Done! や reminds me of やる"to do" and ちゃった is the progressive stative casual form (or something)

  • The connotation here is "Oh no! I did it!" "It's done and can't be undone!"
国際便 こくさいびん - international flights

出発 しゅっぱつ - departure

搭乗口 とうじょうぐち - point of departure

間に合わない まにあわない - negative form of the verb "to make it" (on time)

最悪だ! さいあく - the worst evar


I stayed up all night working last night. When I was supposed to wake up early, it was 5 minutes to 11. I can't believe it! For international flights, you must always arrive at the terminal two hours before takeoff, and I can't even make that. This is the worst!

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