Wednesday, May 30, 2007

JLPT 2 Kanji: 似

onyomi: ジ
kunyomi: に(る), ひ(る), にた

RESEMBLE, becoming, imitate, look like

it looks near-ly the same as the other

Joshi (particle):
___に似る = is similar to ___

マイフィギュア「My Figure」 どれくらい似るの?

飼い主に似る - resemble the owner
Funny how we think dog/pet owners begin to resemble their pets, yet in Japanese it seems opposite.

Common compounds:
  • [ぎじ]
    (n,pref) suspected; pseudo; sham; quasi; false; mock
  • [こくじ]
    (n,vs) resemblance; resemble
  • [にがお]
    (n) portrait; likeness
  • [にがおえ]
    (n) portrait; likeness
  • う [にあう]
    (v5u) to suit; to match; to become; to be like
  • う [にかよう]
    (v5u) to resemble closely
  • [まね]
    (n) mimicry; imitation; behavior; pretense
  • る [まねる]
    (v1) to mimic; to imitate
  • [そうじ]
    (n) resemblance; similarity; analogy
  • [るいじ]
    (n) analogous

真似しないで is like "Stop copying me!" Say it when somebody repeats what you say. I've heard it many times (I'm a born copycat?), but Google says 真似ないで is more popular. Hmmm...


mukur said...

I found a typo.

wrong: 真似(まね)し"ま"いで

Your blog is very useful for me to study English and increase vocabulary!

aak said...

Thanks! I've corrected it.

I'm glad that you think it's useful. Please take care, though. My "Cool Scrabble Words" are usually a little obscure. If you use them in a conversation with a native English speaker, they might not know the words.

mukur said...

As for your cool scrabble words, I'll keep in mind. Thanks!