Monday, May 7, 2007

Daily Bunshou: Sneaky Devil

彼はずるい。ひきょう者だ。鈴木君が彼女を愛しているのを知っているのに 彼女を盗った。

狡い/ずるい - sneaky, dishonest

ひきょう者 - mean, unfair, or craven person

愛している - to love. Unlike English, which counts "to love" as an action-verb, ai shite iru is, to the Japanese, a state. The proper form is always "I am loving you," not "I love you." (Of course, the Japanese almost never say this to each other. This subject requires a future post or two....)

知っている - to know, again a state rather than an action

盗る - to take, to snatch


That guy is sneaky. He's totally underhanded. He knows that Suzuki is in love with that girl, but he stole her anyway.

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