Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rikaichan for Firefox - The Key To Reading Kanji

When I get my daily assignments, and I don't know a certain kanji, I type it in here, toggle rikaichan, and mouse over the kanji I don't know. The hiragana and English meaning pops up under the word. Amazing!

Rikaichan is a free extension for Firefox and it is available at

The menches at have created a video explaining how to download, install, and use rikaichan. Go directly to the post with video here, and then click on the Quicktime icon.

If you don't have Firefox already, download it here. It's free, safe, and supported nearly universally. Plus it's loads cooler than Internet Explorer, for the very simple reason that it allows you to add extensions like rikaichan and many more. Download it today if you haven't already.

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