Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Daily Bunshou: The Way of Yogurt


方 - way. Used with verbs: 読み方: the way to read

まず - first, at first

お鍋 - pot (another example of selective honorifics: it's o-nabe, gohan, etc., because they are so highly valued in Japanese lives?)

牛乳 - milk

トロ火 - low flame, low heat

温める - to heat up ___, transitive verb. (this is the word that the コンビ二 clerks use when you try to buy the convenience-store gyoza from them: 「温めますか」. Don't be frightened, they just want to know if you'll let them heat it up for you. Say yes, unless you like yourr gyoza cold.)

さます - to cool (can also be used for spirits, in the sense of "put a damper on")

つづく - to continue. I couldn't make the kanji for this one because my keyboard wouldn't let me make a "zu" out of a "tsu." but here's the kanji, copied from JEDict: 続. Note the left-hand radical 糸, which, on its own, means "thread." When you continue something, you follow a thread... こんな感じ?


Yogurt recipe:
First, pour one liter of milk into a pot. Then, over low heat, warm it up to 65 degrees Celsius. Cut the heat when the milk reaches 65 degrees, and let it cool down to 37 degrees. (Continued May 9th...)

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