Saturday, August 9, 2008

16 Weeks

For about 3 months, I've been moderately lazy. I've broken the cardinal rule: DON'T STOP STUDYING, even for Christmas, even for family, even for your job. I told myself I would study a little bit each day. I didn't. I'm sorry, self. I let me down.

I forgive me.

There are 16 weeks left until the first week of December, which is when I'll be taking the JLPT 2 test. 16 weeks to learn all the kanji, the vocab, and the grammar.

I feel a little better about it, this year. I did study a lot, early this year, and it has paid off: I can read faster, listen a bit better, and recognize more kanji. I feel like the fundaments are laid down, and all I have to do is apply myself.

Today I saw a Japanese tutor. She's a teacher I had at a language school. I'll be meeting with her one-on-one once a week until test-time. She'll also answer questions by email. She's assigned me a lot of homework: 9 pages every week in three textbooks, as well as making sentences for each new vocabulary word. Oy. That's a lot of work.

Ah well. Gambarimashou!


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Donald W. Pfeffer said...

You forgot the first rule of the Studying Club, which is you do NOT STOP STUDYING. The second rule is you do NOT STOP STUDYING!