Tuesday, December 23, 2008

JLPT Failure & Starting Over

Well, my 4-month vacation from studying really took its toll. I was unable to complete any of the sections on the 2級. Out of the questions I answered, I had a good feeling about 20% of them. There is no doubt that I failed.

It's okay. I didn't expect to pass. I did, however, expect to at least finish the sections by guessing. My reading speed was so slow that I could not even do that.

So it's time to start again. I'm taking two Japanese classes in the spring semester at the University of Maryland. They're pretty high-level, so I'm implementing a study regimen starting now. I will document my progress here on this blog (mainly because nobody who reads my other blogs will be that interested). My goal is to do four hours of studying every day until the spring semester starts.

So far today, I've done one hour of review. It's a bit depressing. I'm going through my old JLPT 3級 book and copying out sentences, to get back in the habit of writing kanji. I don't remember how to write nearly as many kanji as I can now read. This is a major block to my fluency.

I'm thinking I will do as the Japanese kids do: copy out kanji ad nauseum. Maybe that can be half an hour every day.

I will also start using JapanesePod101.com again, going through their lessons one by one. They've added a lot more features recently. Video kanji drills, dialogue-only clips, kanji focus, etc. Going to do that now.


Katie said...

がんばってね! その勉強計画は難しそうだ。

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Anonymous said...

I've been using iKnow - iknow.co.jp I don't know if it's advanced enough for you, but I'm really enjoying it.