Thursday, June 7, 2007

JLPT 2 Kanji: 失

onyomi: シツ
kunyomi: うしな(う)、う(せる)

LOSE (something), (something is) LOST,
error, fault, disadvantage, loss, disappear

Mnemonic: It kind of looks like the 先 in 先生, so I'll remember:
The absentminded sensei is always losing シツ.

  • 失せる
  • 失う
Regarding 失せる:

A Google search turns up many variations of (plain form verb) + 気 + 失せる
  • 読む気が失せる
  • 買う気が失せる
  • やる気失せる
There seem to be two ways to say that you lost your appetite:
  • 食欲が失せる
  • 食べる気失せる (See this post for a discussion of losing one's appetite in the summer. The post also contains 敗, a compound meaning "failure".)
Regarding 失う:

失う is for when a person or thing loses something else. It can be a quality, an item, etc. Example sentence comes from ALC:


See that page for many more examples.


敗 しっぱい failure.


プロジェクトは失敗するのが当たり前!? - @IT情報マネジメント

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>The absentminded sensei is always losing シツ.