Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Lang-8 Entry, Corrected: Convenies in Trouble!




大変でしょう! 信じられない。 政府はコンビニを夜に閉めたら、もっと環境にやさしくなると思っている、。



Joined the Lang-8 Bandwagon

Lang-8 seems pretty awesome for anybody who wants to practice writing a foreign language. Not only is it a social network that is exclusively geared to international exchange, its journal entries are designed to make correction easy.

Last night, I posted my first Japanese journal entry, and within a couple of hours a random Japanese dude had corrected all of my sentences. A little later, another Japanese person corrected it a little differently. Sweet!

I've corrected a bunch of English entries as well. It's easy. Click on Latest Posts, and you'll see a bunch of journal entries, a snippet of the beginning text, and how many people have already corrected it. Select one, and you can either go in and correct line-by-line or just leave a general comment.

Here's Tofugu with a more detailed video of how to use Lang-8:

Finally, if you do join, please add me to your friends. My username's "knaak".