Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Blog for Japanese Learners?

I'm always looking around for good study materials. When I got my Google Reader account, I searched and searched for good, daily Japanese-oriented blogs. Blogs that were in elementary Japanese, or that dealt with little pieces of grammar that I hadn't read yet, or that would teach me a word or two each day in a way that would stick with me.

I know too much for a basic level, and I don't know enough to easily read real Japanese blogs. So I decided to make this site, since there was obviously a need for something like a bridge between beginner Japanese and advanced.

Are you beginning to see the problem? If I'm so lazy that I want a daily blog to teach me Japanese, I'm probably too lazy to keep up my own version.

Of course, I blame my work, but if I really felt strongly enough about it, I could set aside an hour or so each day to study. I'll try to do that from now on.

I'll try to record something every day in Japanese. I can't guarantee the grammar will be good. If I have time later, I'll edit my entries for grammatical exactness.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to keep up this blog and my studies, I'm listening.


mairi said...

hi! i came across your site when i was trying to look for notes about using 'bakari'. your blog's really helpful. i hope you can update it soon (not that i'm being demanding lol). tokoro de, anata no asondeiru geemu wa nan no namae desu ka? sorry for the bad grammar. i'm just practicing for jlpt 3. :)

aak said...

I'm in Japan right now, travelling, so haven't been able to post at all, ne... but when I get back, I'll really start up again.

As for the game, I have a few. I have the Japanese version of Zelda, which has furigana (just touch the kanji you don't know how to read, and the hiragana pops up). I also use a Kanji game that I call "Kakitori-kun", though that's just the last part of the name of the game. Japanese games have obscenely long titles!

JLPT 3 ni ganbatte ne! I'm aiming again for level 2... I just couldn't take it last year.